About Anthony DeLuca

A Lifetime of Experience

Anthony was born into a family with deep roots in the Allegheny County communities of Aspinwall, Sharpsburg, and Springdale. After graduating from Hempfield High School in Greensburg, PA, Anthony received his undergraduate degree at Boston College. He then attended law school at the University of Pittsburgh from which he graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1997. Anthony developed a deep appreciation for the importance of impartial judges while serving as a judicial law clerk for Justice Frank Montemura and Judge Maureen Lally-Green.

Anthony worked next as an Assistant District Attorney in the Allegheny County District Attorney’s office.  There, he prosecuted violent crimes in various divisions of the office. He concluded his time in the District Attorney’s office in the Robbery/Complex Theft Unit also handling homicide cases. He is also very proud of helping the develop Allegheny County Mental Health Court while in that office.

Anthony started his own firm 15 years ago practicing, among other things, as a Criminal Defense Attorney. In that role, Anthony learned that most people entering the Criminal Justice System wrestle with an underlying problem whether it be mental health, addiction or any of many other issues. Through helping people to address those issues, Anthony has helped countless people live happier, more productive lives. 

Anthony also has worked as a Union Labor Attorney for well over a decade, representing two Teamsters Local Union’s constituting bargaining units of working people from a wide variety of industries and governmental organizations.

Family Life

Anthony met his wife, Hollie, while living on the Southside of Pittsburgh. They currently live in Mt Lebanon with their three children and their quarantine puppy, Boomer. Like many parents of young children, Anthony spends his time away from his law practice engaged in his childrens’ schoolwork and activities. He is a dedicated youth sports coach, hockey parent, and father in the YMCA Y Princess program.

Dedicated to Helping Those with Mental Illness

One of the most impactful periods of Anthony’s career was the time he served as the Mental Health Court Prosecutor in Allegheny County. He was one of the key members of a team that developed the program and witnessed the transformation of defendants who completed the program. Through this experience he developed a more collaborative view of the criminal justice process. By working diligently to understand the needs of defendants, victims, and communities, the team was able to fashion case results that addressed, as best as possible, the varying concerns and needs of those parties. By looking beyond the sentencing matrix, they were often able to obtain results that satisfied the victims, treated the offender, and protected society by reducing recidivism.

As a judge, Anthony would search for other areas of the justice system in which a more collaborative approach would be useful.

Often at free or reduced rates, Anthony would represent criminal defendants with mental illness. He finds this work the most rewarding of his career as he has the opportunity to witness the amazing transformations of people. Anthony started a mental health scholarship for individuals with mental health diagnoses desiring to go to college. Anthony also tackles these and similar issues through his volunteer work representing young people with legal issues through the Homeless Children’s Education Fund.

Fighting for Working People

While other candidates in Western Pennsylvania have relatives and ancestors who are or were Union Members, Anthony is the ONLY candidate in this judicial race who has spent substantial portion of his or her career fighting for better wages, healthcare, paid time off and better working conditions.  Through his local Unions, Anthony represents a wide variety of workers in various industries and governments, including road crews, factory workers, package delivery drivers, warehouse workers, law enforcement, jail guards, counselors and more.  

Why Vote for Anthony

Anthony has wanted to become a judge since interning with Judge Mazur of the Allegheny Court ofCommon Pleas while in Law School. This desire was strengthened when he clerked for Justice Montemuro and Judge Lally-Green on the Pennsylvania Superior Court. Two aspects of being a judge appeal to him. First, it is Anthony's natural tendency to treat people fairly and to listen to all sides of an issue. While a prosecutor, he acted fairly by keeping in his mind to do the right thing on his cases. In fact, that ability to do the right thing and not just advocate for a particular position is what he enjoyed most about being a prosecutor. Second, Anthony likes the public service aspect of being a judge. Anthony's parents were both teachers/school administrators and they instilled in him a belief that serving the public through your profession is the most rewarding work.

With an eye towards being a judge someday, Anthony tailored his career to have an opportunity to work closely with the different stakeholders in the criminal justice system. His hope is that by understanding the stresses and burdens of those involved in the system, Anthony may fashion, through programs and his rulings, decisions that consider those needs and concerns and further the goal of justice for all.

In particular, as a prosecutor, Anthony worked closely with victims of crimes and witnessed the toll that violence or other crimes had on them and their families. As a criminal defense attorney, he has seen the impact of addiction and mental illness on individuals and families. He also witnessed the massive impact of the filing of criminal charges on a person’s livelihood and ability to provide for his or her family. Anthony has sat with individuals and families who are losing their loved ones and breadwinner to incarceration because of a non-violent crime.

Finally, through representing police officers in union matters and when involved in shootings, Anthony has gained an appreciation for the stresses that they face, including the fear experienced walking up to a car at a traffic stop or the front door on a domestic violence call and the uncertainty they can experience in dangerous and confusing situations.

By combining the intimate experience of working closely with and representing these individuals, Anthony believes that he has gained the knowledge to effectively address the concerns of all of those involved in the justice system when ruling on a case or sentencing or fashioning a result in a diversionary court.

Ultimately, a Judge should be fair. Anthony has the unique experience and understanding necessary experiences to be just that, fair.